Winning Strategies for Re-Engagement: The Power of Win-Back Email Campaigns

In the fast-paced world of email marketing, re-engaging inactive subscribers remains a perennial challenge. Subscribers drift away for myriad reasons — inbox overload, changing interests, or simply because they forgot about your brand. Regardless of the reason, win-back email campaigns are a golden opportunity to reignite their interest. This blog post delves into the wisdom… keep reading →

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How bad data can spoil good personalization

Don’t let bad data poison your email relationship with your clients. Learn how to avoid personalization failures in your email program. In the space of three days recently, I received three individual emails that showed me brands are beginning to take the concept of “helpful marketing” seriously. That’s good news because I believe helpful marketing… keep reading →

7 email marketing trends worth trying to increase conversions

Email is a highly powerful ‘push’ marketing channel. It enables brands and membership organisations to promote their products and services to customers and members in a convenient, timely and cost-effective way. Yet, despite its formidable reach, email was often underestimated as a channel before Covid-19 struck. Email used to be seen as an option of… keep reading →

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When “One to Everyone” Email Messages Make Sense

First, the good news: For many years, experienced marketers have been preaching the advantages of targeting messages and using advanced segmentation for greater relevance, engagement and conversions, and marketers finally seem to be using these helpful tactics. Hooray! Now, the bad news: Some marketers are taking the advanced segmentation approach a little too much to… keep reading →