Selecting Your Email Tech Stack: Key Insights From Email & More

In this discussion panel, hosted by Holistic Email Marketing and moderated by Skip Fidura, expert panelists Faithful Adia, Kisha Anderson, Lyndsey Howe, Ryan Phelan and Kath Pay delve into the critical considerations for selecting an email marketing tech stack. Highlighting the importance of addressing pain points, focusing on customer outcomes, and aligning your tech choices… keep reading →

The Art of Experimentation in Email

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we delve into the heart of testing email marketing, inspired by Season 4, Episode 2 of “Email & More – The Art of Experimentation in Email”. The episode, masterfully hosted by Skip Fidura, brings a wealth of experience and insights from a panel of marketing experts. This discussion… keep reading →

Why Future-Oriented Analytics Can Boost Customer Lifetime Value

When it comes to your marketing efforts, you likely pay a substantial amount of attention to analytics. However, your view may be limited. You may be looking at the past without thinking carefully about how to model the future. And despite what marketers would like to believe, the past is not necessarily a good way… keep reading →