Email frequency testing: The key to unlocking more email revenue

Unlock the potential of your email marketing campaigns with effective email frequency testing. A well-executed test can prevent revenue loss and reveal opportunities for increased engagement and revenue through higher frequency. If you could increase your revenue from email just by sending messages more often, you’d do it, right? So, what’s stopping you from communicating… keep reading →

Exploring the Mail Privacy Protection Impact on Email Personalisation

The Mail Privacy Protection impact extends beyond just open rates, affecting dynamic content personalisation. Few events generated as much concern in email marketer circles as the advent of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection feature in 2021. MPP, as it is commonly called, was one of several privacy-focused changes Apple has introduced in recent years to restrict… keep reading →

Want better email results? Invest more and demand more

We email marketers can argue about everything, from acquisition to frequency, AI to organic content, and even what to call the emails we send. (I will go on record now and forever to maintain that we must never, ever, call email campaigns “blasts.”) But one thing we can all agree on is that our channel… keep reading →