Title: Dear Brand…yours sincerely, Consumer

I recently received an email from a company whose content I really enjoy. More than that – as I am in contact with many brands who would benefit from using their service, I have referred clients to them over the past year. However, to my dismay (as a subscriber) I received the following email from… keep reading →

Black Friday

Black Friday – How was it for you?

We’re writing a report with our friends at Taxi for Email on what it’s like to make email campaigns for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, and we’d love to hear your thoughts. We know your time is valuable so this will only take a couple of minutes. If you want to be sent the report, then… keep reading →

Holistic Email

Holistic Live! Circle – Personalisation in Email Marketing

A guest post by Jaicee Matthews from Pure360. Holistic Email Marketing, in partnership with Pure360, hosted an intimate invite-only roundtable discussion with leading brands to understand their challenges & successes with email personalisation.

25 Email Marketing Influencers You Need to Follow

Following email marketing influencers on Twitter is not only a great way to stay in the know about trends, to gather best practices, and to learn new things–but it can help your business, too. The more you know and apply, the stronger your email marketing becomes. However, you can’t follow everyone. For this post, we’ve… keep reading →