Holistic Live! Together - marketing automation event

April’s Holistic Live! Together Round-up

By Brittany Rudkin

Last week we had our second Holistic Live! Together, a morning meet up partnered with Pure360. 

Kath Pay from Holistic Email and Komal Helyer from Pure360 spoke at our recent Marketing Automation event. A big thank you for all the people who came and made it such a fab event with lots of great questions and discussions.

Here are some take-aways from this marketing automation event:

  1. Marketing automation is innately personal – use personalisation to enhance the customer experience and make it all about the customer.
  2. Write for your audience by addressing their challenges and pains
  3. Use a Welcome series and make sure to trigger it immediately upon sign up.
  4. Identify and optimise the purchase journey touch-points with upselling and post-purchase programs (keep them relevant and customer-service based!)
  5. Browse abandonment: Use a softer approach than an abandoned basket programme as it’s only midway down the purchase funnel and include
  6. recommendations. Be customer-service oriented in your messaging.
  7. Basket abandonment: send in real time and send as a series. This is a huge touchpoint for claiming lost revenue as it’s so low down the purchase funnel.
  8. Make the most of Machine Learning by including intelligent recommendations and other customer-service features.
  9. Above all, lead with strategy, not technology.

❝A captivating talk that really helped to simplify the core objectives❞ — Lucy

❝Great event, I will definitely return❞ — Rhiannon

❝Great to hear about other attendees email issues, some of which we share and learn from.❞ — Rosie

Our next event date is TBC, please sign up to our Holistic Insights to stay informed.

Holistic Live! Together - marketing automation event Holistic Live! Together - marketing automation event

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