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3 Steps to Increasing Email Conversions: Open > Click > Convert

By Kath Pay


There are 3 key steps to increasing email marketing conversions: Open > Click > Convert, and it’s necessary to get each of them right as they can all impact (either positively or negatively) the success of your email marketing campaign. All too often when we talk about email marketing we simply consider the email, however, email marketing is much more than that.

There is a 3 step process to achieving conversions within email marketing and all 3 steps are as impactful as each other – so be sure not to neglect any of them! This article is part 1 in a series of 3 covering each step.

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Continuing my 3-part series on increasing email marketing conversions – Open > Click > Convert, in this post we’re looking at the second step in this process.

This step is the most obvious one you’ll want to achieve and often most resource and attention is given to it and if we fail at this step, then we will also fail at achieving our final conversion. The conversion we hope to gain at this step is to drive them to the landing page, where the final conversion takes place.

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This post is the final in a 3 part series of articles: Open > Click > Convert, addressing how to effectively increase your email marketing conversions – looking at the third and final step in this process.

When planning their email campaign, too many email marketers only plan for the first 2 conversions steps, however, the landing page/website/product page is the point where the final conversion happens.

No matter how successful we are at conversion steps #1 and #2 if we fail at the point of conversion then we have failed. I regularly quiz email marketers as to their KPI’s and the majority inform me that they’re rewarded on conversions (Step #3) – not on opens (Step #1) nor on clicks (Step #2). This article looks at the conversion part of the process and how to make sure you don’t throw those opens and clicks away with a poor performing conversion point.

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