Gaining High ROI with Marketing Automation

In the competitive world of email marketing, achieving high ROI through marketing automation is both an art and a science. The latest episode of Email & More brought together industry experts to explore the strategies and tools that can help marketers maximize their returns. If you missed the live discussion, you can catch the full… keep reading →

How AI amplifies ‘fauxthenticity’

Chad is quickly becoming a valuable member of my agency’s team for our planning, creative development and optimisation. You won’t find his photo on our company website, however. That’s because “Chad” is the name we’ve given to our private version of ChatGPT. Plus, he’s still a work in progress. We’re training him on our content,… keep reading →

Unpacking the Power of GenAI Copywriting  in Email Marketing

“GenAI is not just a buzzword; it’s a tool that, if used correctly, can significantly enhance the effectiveness of email marketing,” commented Skip Fidura when opening the latest episode of Email More. Tracy Ilunga added to this by highlighting her use of AI for creating engaging subject lines, thereby enhancing customer journeys. Tony Allen shared… keep reading →